MyConstant ( is one of the best peer-to-peer lending sites for investors. MyConstant offers a range of alternative investment services for investors who are seeking higher returns for their money. MyConstant’s platform matches borrowers and investors for cryptocurrency-backed loans. It offers interest-bearing investment opportunities in both fiat (government-issued currency, such as U.S. dollars) and cryptocurrency-denominated projects.

Invest in P2P Lending with USD or Crypto - MyConstant

Type of investments:


Investors can earn up to 7% APY on crypto-backed loans. Investors can choose from three loan terms: 30 days which earn 6% APY, 90 days which earn 6.5% APY, or 180 days which earn 7% APY.  All lending backed by cryptocurrencies.

  • FLEX

Investors can earn 4% APY from this account. This account offers a bank-beating 4% APY on the fiat (government-issued currency, such as U.S. dollars) deposits. The interest is compounded and paid every second and no minimum redemption period. Investors can withdraw their funds anytime. Also, no minimum balance investment requirement.  When investors deposit money to MyConstant, that money will automatically start earning 4% in the Flex account without doing anything.


Investors can earn 9% APY by allowing MyConstant to lend out your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Binance Coin holdings to decentralized exchanges. This particular scheme is backed by MyConstant guarantee of $3 million.


  • All lending is backed by collateral which protects the investors’ investment. MyConstant has achieved zero investor losses since launch of early 2019.
  • MyConstant make a slim profit on the difference between the rates earned across various lending and exchange markets and the rate paid to the investors through Flex. It also charges a 1% matching fee to borrowers who get the loans through its platform.
  • It’s a platform that has earned brilliant reviews from users and has become one of the largest in the crypto P2P lending space.

In summary, MyConstant’s provides the best passive income investment services for investors who are seeking higher returns for their money.

Referral Bonus:

Referee sign up and deposit at least $10.  Referee get credit of $4000 (trial bonus) at 4% APY from MyConstant. After 15 days, MyConstant take the credit of $4000 but referee get to keep the interest. Referee receives an NFT reward when they deposit in crypto or USD for the first time. For the bonus referral, click the link below.

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