M1 Finance is a hybrid robo advisor and traditional investment brokerage firm. It offers a unique combination of automate investing with a high level customization. The customization allows clients to create a portfolio based on their exact specifications. The firm now has $3 billion in client assets. Clients can create portfolios containing low-cost ETFs or individual stocks or both. Listed below are the benefits of using M1 Finance.

  • Clients can trade fractional shares for stocks and ETFs with a little as $1 in the clients’ accounts.
  • No trading fees or asset management fees.
  • Hand-off investing, using Smart Transfer, for investors.
  • Pie provides flexible portfolio customization, including 80 “expert” portfolios that a client can follow.
  • Pie investing system offers a unique visual component to investing.
  • Clients can place individual stock/ETF orders.
  • Opening an account with M1 Finance is simple and straight forward.
  • A streamlined mobile app offers full functionality of the desktop platform and access to M1’s banking components.
  • Socially responsible portfolio option, which is perfect for social responsible investors.
  • Account minimum of $100 on taxable accounts and $500 on retirement accounts.

In summary, M1 Finance is the best low cost robo advisor brokerage firm.

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