Zacks Investment Research ( is an American company dedicated to the production of independent research and investment-related content. It was founded in 1978 by Len Zacks, based on his insights while pursuing his Ph.D. at MIT.

The company provides professional investors with financial data and analysis to help make better investment decisions for proprietary accounts and the investment accounts of clients. Zacks is probably known best known for its extensive array of consensus earnings-per-share (EPS) estimates. More recently, the company has moved into other related areas including research reports, recommendation summaries on various stocks, stock prices, funds, charts and tables, and a host of other investment tools and data.

Besides the development of the Zacks Rank to harness the power of earnings estimates, this quantitative stock-rating system is purely mathematical, Zacks has developed other breakthroughs, as listed below.

  • Price Response Indicator: Shows what a stock price is likely to do after an earnings report.
  • Most Accurate Estimate: Knowing the earnings consensus for a stock is nice. Being one of the few that knows the Most Accurate Estimate is even better.
  • Earnings ESP (Expected Surprise Prediction): Determines the likelihood of an earnings surprise BEFORE it’s reported.
  • Zacks Equity Research: Professional-grade research that combines quantitative models with insight provided by our equity analysts.
  • Zacks Mutual Fund Rank: Not just focused on past performance, but the likely future success of the fund.
  • Zacks ETF Rank: Proprietary quantitative model with a qualitative overlay for finding the best Exchange-Traded Funds in the market.

Zacks Investment Research is one of many firms that publish data and analysis of mutual funds, stocks, and other investment vehicles. However, Zacks stands out for its unique quantitative approach, focusing on revised earnings estimates as the key to identifying strong performers.  The site covers the latest news, stocks, funds, crypto, earnings, screening tools, finance, portfolio, education, video and podcasts. For investors, the Zacks’s website might be better and more useful than the CNBC website.

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