Crypto Academy (, with by far the one crypto news media covering everything happening in the crypto world. Crypto Academy, founded by Felix Hartmann in August pf 2017, started its journey quite slow at first, with only a couple of freelancers providing the content. Their involvement with crypto started in 2016 when Bitcoin had hit only the $800 price. Besides covering crypto news and media, Crypto Academy owns its marketing agency by handling content and SEO for ByBit.learn, FortKnoxster, Food For Life, (Milk and Butter Token), Coin.Space,,, and more.

Crypto Academy provides categories such as cryptocurrency news, crypto coin information such as price predictions, and learning information on crypto and technical analysis. Learning information includes step-by-step tutorials on how to buy crypto, how to donate crypto, investments tips and tricks, basic pieces of information on market cap, market volume, etc. Crypto Academy has proved its potential in further advance as a cryptocurrency news website. Its trustful platform keeps growing day by day.

Therefore, Crypto Academy is dedicated to informing and educating everyone about the world of Crypto and Blockchain technology. It also help Crypto & Blockchain companies grow through its splendid marketing services.

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