Neflix, Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) is the best streaming media stock to own for growth opportunity. Netflix fits the criteria of a high-quality company. Listed below are the reasons for buying shares of Netflix stock.

finviz dynamic chart for NFLX

  • Netflix is the clear leader in streaming entertainment, with 200 million paid subscribers in more than 190 countries. New subscribers surged in 2020.
  • Netflix provides many popular contents and captivating entertainment for its subscribers. Netflix provides the largest and best media content for its streaming service. It also attracts the best and brightest talent in the entertainment industry.
  • Netflix has become a household name and well known brand worldwide.
  • Netflix has great management team which knows how to grow the company.

In summary, Netflix is the world’s premier streaming video service company that is well-run and is a fast-growing business that is a clear leader over its competitors. Netflix is a good stock to buy and own for long term.

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