1. M1 Finance (No Cost Automated Investing Platform (M1 Finance) – MrSeniorAdvisor)
  • Use this link, https://m1.finance/vs4f_rxG1Wlq.
  • Create an account with M1 Finance and deposit $100 (or $500 for an IRA).  
  • Then, receive $50 to invest as you chose.
  • Receive the bonus within 7-14 days of your deposit.

2. Robinhood (Self-Directed Investment Platform – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Click this weblink (https://join.robinhood.com/leonarw134) for referral bonus when joining Robinhood.
  • Once a customer signs up via this weblink and links the bank account, Robinhood will credit customer’s account with a reward stock.

3. Public (Commission-Free Trading App For Beginners (Public) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Public will distribute a free stock up to $50 when new customer sign up.
  • It will ask the customer to download the Public app and enter your referral code to claim free stock when you click this link (https://share.public.com/lfww88).

4. Moomoo (Best Trading Brokerage’s App/Platform (Moomoo) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Join Moomoo and open an account, via this link (https://j.moomoo.com/003eck)
  • If you deposit $100, you will get a free stock (like Uber, Snap or Ford) (worth $4 to 200). If your net deposit reaches $1500, you will get an extra $10-$1000 free stock.

5. Webull (Best Online Brokerage For Casual And Active Investors (Webull) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

6. Worthy Bonds (Private Bond – Alternative Investment (Worthy Bond) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

7. SoFi (Best Brokerage For Beginner and Young Investors (SoFi) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

8. OKCoin (Top Fiat-To-Crypto Exchange (OKCoin) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

9. eToro (Social Investing Broker For Cryptocurrencies (eToro) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Use link shown below for bonus. Once you join using this link and starts trading, you will receive $50 bonus. https://etoro.tw/3qp260m

10. DiversyFund (Alternative Investment Platform (DiversyFund) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Click this link, https://diversyfund.com/r/58ja54, for the bonus.
  • Open an account and invest as little as $500.
  • Then, receive a $100 bonus investment to your account.

11. Crypto (Leading Digital Platform For Crypto Trading (Crypto.com) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Use this link https://crypto.com/app/v7uztqq4te to sign up.
  • Download the Crypto.com app and enter the promo code v7uztqq4te when prompted during the sign-up process for the $25 bonus.
  • Complete registration and pass KYC (Know Your Client) verification.
  • Claim your referral reward by staking a minimum of $400 USD in CRO (CRO can be purchased in the app with a credit card, debit card, ACH bank transfer, or Crypto wallet).
  • Receive USD $25 of CRO immediately after staking.

12. Coinbase (Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange (Coinbase) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

13. HappyNest (Best Low-Cost Real Estate Investment App (HappyNest) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

14. GroundFloor (Peer-To-Peer Real Estate Investment Platform (GroundFloor) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Join Groundfloor with this referral link, https://app.groundfloor.us/r/u854ff.
  • Link your bank account and transfer at least $10 of funds to your Groundfloor account.
  • After that, you will earn $10 to invest.

15. Chime (Best US Online Bank (Chime) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Earn $100 when you receive a payroll direct deposit of $200 or more within the first 45 days of opening your Chime Checking Account.
  • Learn more by selecting this link, https://chime.com/r/leonardwong3.

16. Uphold (Best Multi-Asset Digital Money Platform (Uphold) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Create your account and try out one of the easiest and most cost-effective trading experiences by selecting this link, https://uphold.com/signup?referral=a6309b23fe.
  • Get $40 in BTC after you signed up, your account verified, you deposit money via bank or card and trade at least $250 in any crypto.

17. Lofty AI (Tokenized Real Estate Investment (Lofty AI) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Get a $25 bonus credit when you use this link, https://wthisww.lofty.ai/refer?grsf=bwgh4h, to create a free account.
  • Verify your identity
  • Link an Algorand wallet
  • Purchase at least one real estate token for any property at $50
  • Hold your token for at least 90 days

18. Paypal (Best Payment App (PayPal) – MrSeniorAdvisor)

  • Earn $10 when you accept my invite to PayPal and spend $5 by using this link: https://py.pl/dJmae

19. Juno (https://mrsenioradvisor.com/index.php/2022/11/12/best-online-banking-platform/)