Zoom Video Communication (NASDAG: ZM) is the best stock for investors to own for the next decade. No other competitors can compete with Zoom’s platform in terms of features and user friendliness. Majority of the people in the world use Zoom meeting for video conferencing for personal or business usage. Almost all the computers, laptops and smartphones had installed Zoom video conferencing application or software. The term “ZOOM” basically replaces video conferencing term, just like “Google” internet term replace search the internet term. Listed below are some of the reasons to own Zoom stocks.

  • Zoom earnings keep growing. The company always beat the Street’s earnings estimate.
  • Zoom’s stock valuation got a lot better because it is a fast growing company.
  • Zoom will not go away because video meetings, virtual learning and social Zoom gatherings are not going away anytime soon.

In summary, Zoom is the best video communications and fast growth company to own for the next decade. Investors should buy the stocks on the dip and hold them for long term.

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