Battery technology stocks are heating up recently as automakers, airlines and equipment manufactures continue to form partnerships with battery tech companies.

Batteries are essential to replace fossil fuel-burning machines. This is good for companies that make batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. This is especially true for electric vehicles (EV) companies which require batteries in the year 2020. Listed below are some battery-related stocks.

  • Albermarie Corp (NYSE: ALB) is an industry leader in lithium, which is needed to make EV batteries.
  • FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ: FCEL) makes fuel cell power plants that generate clean energy for government, utility and municipality customers. Its products use hydrogen-rich fuels to generate power and try to improve on the functions of traditional batteries.
  • Livent Corp (NYSE: LTHM) is a lithium technology company that supplies products for a ranger of industries. It has an ongoing partnership, lithium supply agreement, with Tesla.
  • Piedmont Lithium ADR (NASDAQ: PLL) has signed a five-year agreement to supply Tesla with ono-third of its planed spodumene concentrate, which is a type of lithium ore.
  • Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) sells alternatives, hydrogen fuel cells, to traditional batteries. Its products provide fuel for small vehicles (warehouse forklifts) and large vehicles (delivery vans and airport safety equipment).
  • QuantumScape Corp (NASDAQ: QS) promises to deliver a solid-state lithium battery, which can provide furthest range for EVs at the lowest cost, that could revolutionize the EV industry and batteries.
  • Switchback Energy Acquisition (NYSE: SBE) is a public traded special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that will merge with ChargePoint, a privately-held EV charging business, in early February.

finviz dynamic chart for ALB

finviz dynamic chart for FCEL

finviz dynamic chart for LTHM

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finviz dynamic chart for PLUG

finviz dynamic chart for QS

finviz dynamic chart for SBE

For investors interest of investing of battery-related stocks, consider the stocks listed above. As the markets recognize the EV-driven growth potential in batteries, investors have a chance to benefit from the boom ahead.

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