High-dividend tech stocks provide both growth and income potential. These are the tech stocks that pay high dividends, as listed below.

Mobile TeleSystems (NYSE: MBT) is a Russian telecom giant that pay 10.8% dividend this year. The biggest growth driver over the next two years for this company is the network infrastructure upgrades for 5G network. Mobile TeleSystems also broadens its revenue channels and improves its organic growth potential by acquiring MTS Bank and promotes its cloud-services operation.

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AT&T (NYSE: T) pays 7.1% dividend this year. Its dividend has been raised for 36 consecutive years. AT&T has two growth catalysts that could accelerate its organic growth prospects: rollout of 5G networks and rollout of the HBO Max streaming service.

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE: TSM) pays 5.4% dividend this year. It is a chipmaking giant at $260 billion in market value. TSM has a projected 20% revenue growth this fiscal year and 10% growth forecast for next year. It has a vast diversified array of customers.

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IBM (NYSE: IBM) pays 5.3% dividend this year. Cloud sales are growing fast and offer robust margins, suggesting organic growth for IBM. IBM has free cash flow totaling $11.6 billion over the trailing 12 months. IBM should have little issue growing its dividend every year.

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Camtek (NASDAQ: CAMT) pays 5.3% dividend this year. Camtek, Israel-based, produces inspection equipment for memory chips, microprocessors and other similar items. Camtek has reliable revenue, which means reliable dividends.

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Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) pays 5.1% dividend this year. WDC client device segment sales have landed between 1.6 billion and 1.8 billion per quarter over the past year. The most exciting opportunity is the data centers for WDC. WDC solid-states drives are the primary growth driver for years to come.

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Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO) pays 5.0% dividend this year. Broadcom, chipmaker, is a high-growth company. It should see a sustainable multiyear demand, for its wireless chips, increase as telecom companies expand the reach of 5G and consumers upgrade their options. As provider of connectivity and access chips, the company will continue to see demand for cloud data storage increase as more companies will use 5G networks.

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Therefore, investors should consider buying and owning these high-quality, high-yield dividend stocks, as listed above, for long term.

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