HappyNest was founded in 2017 by Jesse Prince, who wanted to make it easy for anyone to make money by investing in real estate. HappyNest offers up to a 6% yearly return on money invested. It allows your nest egg to grow over time using the proven power of compound interest. It provides a painless passive income stream for investors.

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HappyNest’s model is completely different than other real estate investment. HappyNest provides investors the opportunity for just $10 per month. Investors can build the investments at their own pace with no maximum investment. It offers the opportunity to invest in a REIT (real estate investment trust), which own a share of the company that owns the income-producing assets. As of today, HappyNest’s REIT is primarily composed of commercial real estate. The dividends from the REIT are distributed or reinvested quarterly. The REIT targets a 6% annual yield on its shares.

Quick Summary:

  • HappyNest opens the door to real estate investments with just $10
  • No investor accreditation requirements
  • Dividends on investments paid out quarterly
  • Quick sign up process
  • User-friendly mobile app

In conclusion, HappyNest offers investors from all backgrounds the opportunity to build an investment portfolio that can provide a passive income stream. Since it only takes $10 to get started and is open to non-accredited investors, almost anyone can invest in this real-estate investment.

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