Chime is a US fintech (financial technology) company founded by Chris Britt and Ryan King in 2013 in San Francisco, California. It is growing rapidly with more than 12 million customers as of February 2021. It provides its app-based services via FDIC-insured bank partners.

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A customer will receive a debit card for free when he/she opens an account, such as a Chime spending or savings account. With its emphasis on saving money through its high interest paid and its feeless overdraft, the customer has a great degree of flexibility.

In addition, the Chime Credit Builder provides a great opportunity for a customer to start building that credit score. Chime is a great choice for a US resident and looking for a simple, safe and cheap way to handle checking and savings transactions. 


  • No monthly fees, overdraft fees or minimum balance required
  • Great savings options, pays high interest
  • Get paid early via direct deposit

Chime Visa Card Overview:

  • Free ATM withdrawal fees within the network, $2.50 otherwise
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • NA international wire transfer fee
  • 0.50% interest paid on savings (APY)

Chime account is best for customers who live in the US, want to save some money that earns a decent annual percentage yield, and build a good credit score.

Sign Up Bonus:

  • Earn $100 when you receive a payroll direct deposit of $200 or more within the first 45 days of opening your Chime Checking Account.
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