Wallet Hacks (https://wallethacks.com/) website is created to help demystify money. Wallet Hacks is a blog on how to manage your money better, and in less time. No products, no services—just information to help you become better with your money. Simplicity is elegant but complexity is ugly and slow.

Most of the posts fit into one of these categories:

  • Build Systems – Posts about building money systems that work for you.
  • Live Fully – Posts about how to enjoy more out of life.
  • Save Money – Posts about saving money.
  • Earn Money – Posts about earning more money.
  • Travel Joyfully – Posts about traveling.
  • Spend Wisely – Posts about, surprise!, spending money wisely.
  • Insure Completely – I bet you’re getting the hang of my naming style… this is about insurance.
  • Invest Completely – This is one is about hippos. (not really, it’s investing)
  • Pay Down Debt – Posts about paying down debt. I title these very creatively.
  • Win at Business – Posts about starting and building a business, specifically an online one.

WalletHacks.com was launched in 2015 by founder Jim Wang, with the mission of sharing the best practices for getting ahead financially and in life. Wallet Hacks publishes completely free, high value, and highly researched articles that give the readers everything that they need to succeed in an entertaining and engaging way. This blog website spends hours of research on each article that it published.

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