The White Coat Investor (, founded by James Dahle, is the most widely read, physician-specific personal finance and investing website in the world. It is the premier resource for high income professionals looking for unbiased information about all things financial or simply a referral to a trusted professional providing good advice at a fair price. What started as a simple blog has grown into a multi-media company that will provide you the financial information you need in whatever format you prefer. Whether you learn best from a blog, newsletter, book, podcast, videocast, online course, social media, forum, or live conference, the White Coat Investor is here for you. Doctors and similar high income professionals provide important benefits to society. They should not be ashamed of their high income nor targeted by unscrupulous financial professionals for it. The White Coat Investor can help you to become financially literate and disciplined, which will allow you to spend your time and effort on your patients, your family, and your own wellness. We truly believe that a financially secure doctor is a better partner, parent, and practitioner.

The White Coat Investor’s mission is to strengthen and support The White Coat Investor community on the path to financial success by providing engaging, useful, and accurate content and connecting white coat investors with best-in-class financial resources to empower the creation of meaningful personal and professional lives. The blog covers personal finance for physicians and other high-income professionals. Most of the advice is geared toward doctors, but investors with more capital can also take advantage.

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