Banks are paying a very small amount of interest rate, sometimes down to 0.01%, for deposits this day. Where can a saver, who is not interested in investing in stocks or bonds, find a competitive deposit rate for his saving?

DepositAccounts,, website is the best resource for collecting and presenting bank deposits information. This site compare more than 275,000 deposit rates from over 11,000 bank and credit unions for free. Listed below are resources provided by this site:

  • Latest Deals and News
  • Banking Tools and Data
  • Education and Strategies
  • Fed/Banking News
  • Bank Reviews
  • Bank Health Ratings
  • Bank Promotions
  • Bank Rates (Saving, Checking, CD, Money Market, IRA, HSA) for Nationwide and Local

Currently, DepositAccounts website is the best website for saver looking for better deposit rates.

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