Reddit (, founded in 2005, allows anyone to submit posts or links to articles. Reddit has become one of the most visited sites in the U.S. Investors should join, learn and follow new ideas from some of these investing related forums, such as r/investing, r/stocks, r/algotrading, r/investmentClub, r/Daytrading, r/options, r/ethtrader, rStockMarket and r/wallstreetbets, for active trading, or day trading. For example, the stock market volatility of recent weeks was orchestrated by r/wallstreetbets forum to drive the stock price up for GameStop Corp, AMC Entertainment Holding Inc and silver to execute a large short squeeze on the hedge funds. If stock traders had follow the forum early on and purchase these stocks and then unload the stocks within 2 days, they would have generated huge capital gains. This is one of the unique site that traders need to join in order to follow the short term investment trends.

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