CNBC website (, launched in 1996 and now owned by NBCUniversal News Group of Comcast, is the world leader in providing business news coverage of U.S and international financial markets. Investors can keep tabs on the rise and fall of the stock market daily.

CNBC website has its very own TV channel, CNBC TV, that features live TV, live audio, and business day shows for business and investment related topics as well as CEO interviews. The website provides online tools for investors and better integration of its website with daytime programming.

CNBC website also has a “Pro” version that investors can sign up to get access for additional resources, such as special talks and analyses. However, this subscription is a paid service.

CNBC website has attracted 6.9 million unique visitors in 2012 and has increased unique visitors every year. Therefore, CNBC is a very popular website for investors to keep up-to-date business news worldwide.

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