IPOScoop.com LLC (https://www.iposcoop.com/) is an independent news and research firm predicting IPOs’ opening-day performances. The firm surveys Wall Street for input on how an IPO might perform during its first day of public trading. It publishes the Street consensus opinion in our SCOOP ratings, which has a 21-year accuracy rate of nearly 89 percent. IPO SCOOP was found by John E. Fitzgibbon, Jr., who has been following the IPO market since 1973 as an investment banker, as an analyst and as a journalist, and currently headquartered in New Jersey.

IPOScoop.com, which made its online debut in 2006, traces its origin back 26 years to the NYSE member firm Lynch Jones & Ryan and an association with Bloomberg (1993-1996), Thomson Financial (1996-1999), Redherring.com (1999-2000) and IPODesktop.com (2000-2006). Included among its past and present subscribers are Ernst & Young (subscribing to Thomson’s “IPO Reporter”), bulge-bracket, major and regional investment bankers, foreign banks, investment advisory firms, hedge funds and individual investors, many of whom are discount brokers’ clients. E*Trade even posted this company’s IPO calendar (then Redherring.com’s “IPO Street Poll”) on its website.

Besides provides latest IPO news, this site also provides IPO Calendar, IPO Index, IPO Pipeline, IPO Pricings and IPO Lock-Up Period. Therefore, investors who are interested of investing in IPO companies should use IPOScoop.com website for research and insights.

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