NFT Plazas (, founded by Chris T in 2018, is now the number one news site dedicated to growing the NFT and Metaverse space. It provides daily NFT news and events for the NFT audience.

NFT Plazas is the ultimate go-to website for everyone who wants to learn about the industry, as it covers a broad range of related topics. Ultimately, it’s a news site with plenty of useful and informative content if the audience is looking to learn more about NFTs.

The NFT news topics cover gaming, collectibles, crypto art, music, industry, fashion, NFT industry and photography. While the Metaverse news topics cover decentraland, voxels, the sandbox and metaverse events. Besides that, the education topics cover NFT and metaverse learning. In addition, it provides NFT guides. Therefore, NFT Plazas is the best news site for audience who are interested getting more insight about the NFT and Metaverse space.

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