NonFungible (, was established in 2018 initially to track real-time transactions of Decentraland, the company has since developed along with the space and is today one of the main pillars of the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem as the most trusted NFT Market data and analysis reference. It tracks decentralized asset transactions in real-time on the Ethereum blockchain and provides tools to help NFT enthusiasts, whales and professionals monitor the evolution of the NFT markets. It also tracks the sales history of any asset or project, aiming to help evaluate the current price and performance. Besides that, it updates breaking news and trending projects via its weekly newsletter.

NonFungible website includes the following info: Services, Market Tracker, News and Academy. The Services section provides info to help collectors, businesses, investors and market researchers navigate the NFT industry with confidence and make the right decisions at the right time. The Market Tracker section provides tools to screen the latest market trends of Metaverse, Collectible, Game with in-depth analysis and data visualization in quarterly and yearly NFT market reports. The News section provide the latest and most recent news about NFT. The Academy section provides step-by-step guide to learn all about the NFT ecosystem.

Therefore, NonFungible is the best blog website that provides insight into a variety of NFT-related subjects, the most recent NFT events and activities as wells as provides the most comprehensive resource for evaluating, tracking, and discovering NFTs.

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