( provides crypto, DeFi and Web3 ecosystem news and insights. This website helps readers to learn the DeFi basics and stays up to date in the DeFi ecosystem on a daily or weekly basis. covers the following topics: Staking, Cross Chain Bridges, Ethereum Scaling, Cosmos Network, Crypto VC, Web3 Data, Ecosystems, Blog, Interviews, Featured Projects and Top 50. From this site, readers can find all important crypto projects & networks in seconds. It creates Web3, DeFi and Crypto ecosystem maps and ecosystem databases. Readers can use the maps and databases to improve their Web3 knowledge and speed up their Web3 research. Readers will find 2 newsletters, different interviews, different ecosystem maps and databases, new layer 1s (SUI, APTOS, etc.), and much more content to get a quick overview of their requested Web3 ecosystem.

Therefore, is the best site for readers to get Decentralized Finance (DeFi) & NFT & Web 3 insights for free.

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